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May 1st 2021

May 1st, 2021, was my first day of racing. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I was prepared for this moment. First time out on the track with other racers. Let me tell you, before the race it’s super boring. We arrived at the track around 10:00am and couldn’t leave until the very end. (12am) Once we arrived at the track we took the car out of the trailer and let me tell you, oh my god, that body on that car was ugly. Purple, blue, gold, black. The colors just didn’t match nor was it my style but I had to race with it. We had some troubles with the car. Car wouldn’t start, the clutch was bad, the tires were flat, it just wasn’t my lucky day.

After a few hours we finally got out on the track. I thought we were going to race!I was so excited! Turns out we were only practicing. Anyways, after practicing we did more touch ups on the car. (This wouldn’t have been possible without my dad aka the mechanic nerd). He’s teaching me everything about the car. We ended up replacing a tire but that’s alright.

A few hours later it was finally time to race. 7pm.  We were lining up to go out on the trach. I was buckled up and ready to race. There I was, warming up my tires, and there I saw it. Coming around the corner and...ZOOM! I took off at the speed of light! I was in last place, someone right in front of me. I finally passed them putting me in 4th. I rushed to the next guy in front of me but, him and the other driving in front of me crashed into each other. WAM! One was in the wall the other flipped backwards. It was insane! All happened right in front of me. Yellow flag was pulled out and so I had to slow down. Took a few laps for the other 2 cars to get situated. I was first… BOOM! Green flag came out and sadly the 2 cars passed me but I ended up placing 3rd out of 5 cars. First race and I placed 3rd. I pulled over, took my picture and drove up. I acted like I was cool because well, I was.

That was it. I ended up placing third in my very first race. I waited and waited… and waited… I ended up taking a nap in the truck for a few hours. I woke up around 12am. We were still at the track but mostly everyone was gone. I still had to claim my prize. I walked up to the prize conception and I ended up winning $25 and a 3rd place trophy, which is hanging up on my trailer. That night I went home with a trophy in my hands and $25.

I had a blast racing that night. I hope to do it soon (which I will). I’m racing again 5/8/2021, Saturday. I hope I can get third again or second or even first. My car still needs a little bit of tweaks to get first. I hope to never quit racing.

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