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Today was another amazing day for racing. Once we arrived at the track, the car wasn’t working the way it was last week. We made some tweaks and changes to the car hoping it would work more efficiently.  I suited up, hopped in the car and drove onto the track. The car was really squirrely and loose. We couldn’t figure out what was causing the car to act like this. Soon, we found out my car was too light to race so we added some weights in it. I was racing with a new clutch and tires. We ended up switching out the tires because they were too slick and old.

A few hours later, it was almost time to race but before we could race, there was a drivers meeting. They talked about what not to do. We couldn’t scream at people if we were kicked off or disqualified from the race. There was a couple behind me screaming at the announcer about something, I'm not sure what it was about. My poor ears.  After the meeting I went to go check the sheet and I was in the second row on the outside, meaning 4th place.

It was time for me to go out on the track and blow everyone away. I was warming up my tires, swerving back and forth across the track. I saw the green flag pull out and there I went. I was keeping up with the group at first.  I tried my hardest but, WOOSH! I spun out. I knew this was going to happen. The car was off balance and it was kind of annoying. I whipped around and continued the race. The yellow flag had been pulled out because of my spin.  After going around the track a few times, the green flag was eventually pulled back out and we zoomed off. I was falling behind again but not by much. After going around the track a few times, I eventually spun out again. I ended up spinning out 3 times at the end of the race. I was black flagged and was kicked off the track. I was so angry but I kept my cool and dealt with it. Turns out I ended up placing 3rd and got a 3rd place trophy once again.

It just goes to show that if you keep practicing, keep trying and pay attention you will eventually get rewarded!

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