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Aurora The Pretty Kitty

One bright summer day we were all out running errands. Mom needed to go to Pet Supermarket to get a Tupperware pet food storage container because she found bugs in the pet food which was GROSS!!!

When we walked in, we saw an adorable 3 month old kitten in a cage. The paper on her cage said her name was Bandit Girl. I heard Mom said "Oh, she's beautiful!" and Dad sighed and said "ok, you can have her". I know Dad has always said NO MORE PETS!!! Mom didn't hesitate, she ran to the front to get someone to take the kitten out of the cage. Mom has certain tests that she does to see if the kitty is a good kitty. The kitten let Mom flip her onto her back with no issue, Mom said the kitten was a trusting kitten and was sweet.

She was a sweet kitty until we got around the corner from her cage, then she got really really scared and freaked out. She jumped up on Mom's shoulders using her claws and tried to jump up into the shelving. We got her off the shelving then the store employees got a box to put her in.

We paid for her at the register, she was $50! We also got her a toy.  On the way home we opened the box because she was crying and scared. She poked her head out of the box, she was so cute and once she could see outside she calmed down and was fine. We started thinking about names for her. Mom said she looked like the color of dawn and Kylie and I wanted a princess name. Mom said "I've got it!   Aurora!" And that was it. No more Bandit Girl, she was now Aurora.

When we got home we put her in the back bedroom and left the door open so she could have some space and come out when she was ready. Mom made her a bed out of a box and put one of her tshirts over it so Aurora had a hole to crawl through and a safe space that smelled like Mom. When she came out she walked around, looked around and the saw our other cat, Jingles. From that moment it was a love hate relationship. They play and fight all the time. Sometimes it starts out as playing and ends up fighting. It's like they are sisters. Jingles can be a silly kitty too.

Aurora is a wild kitty, she loves bouncing off the walls.   We got her a tower to climb and she loves it. She gets in trouble when she tries to claw the screens outside, Mom gets mad whenever she catches her doing that. Aurora left Mom a present on the kitchen floor one day. Mom wasn't pleased. Aurora brought her a dead lizard. It was really gross.

We found out that Aurora LOVES Christmas! She repeatedly tried climbing the Christmas tree and finally chose a spot under the tree that was hers. Every time we put a present there, she would move it. When Mom was packing up the Christmas decorations, Aurora chose another spot.

I hope we get another cat a boy cat! hoped you enjoyed all about our new kitten bye!

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