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End of Season Recap

I enjoyed my last race of the season at Auburndale Speedway. The people at the track gave me lots of advice throughout my adventure. They always stuck with me and helped in any way they could. I met some amazing people and made some good friends last season.

I also learned an enormous amount of tips and tricks throughout the season such as the perfect lines, seat time is everything, how to listen to my car and communicate with my spotter (HI DAD!) all of which are key in racing. I have also learned what it’s like to spin out again and again and again and... On a good note, I was able to figure out how much I could push my car before I spun out.

During this past summer, we have made many changes to my car.  We thought that I was using the right engine but when we took it in to be rebuilt, it turns out my engine was waaaay underpowered, so it's costing more to get it up to par.  We also had someone fix the chassis which we had to drive it all the way to Tampa for.  The chassis was damaged in a few spots but has now been fixed and reinforced.  Once we fixed the chassis, we got it powder coated, I chose the color Midnight Shadow.  We decided to redesign the body (race car cover) and I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out. It’s going to be blue and black with some nice graphics on it.  I guess it's safe to say I have a completely different car.  Hopefully we get it back together in time to get some practice in before the season starts!

I hope to never quit racing and I really want to encourage other kids to start. Special thanks to Mr. Smith, Mr. Ledford, Mr Franklin and the other drivers who supported me through the season.  Thanks to even the ones who "educated" me on certain styles of racing!  This coming season it's GAME ON! 

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