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2021 - 2022 Racing Season

Sponsorship Pricing

Thank you for considering sponsoring Katie Linck!  Below is the general information for sponsorship.  Sponsor locations on the right side of the car are $500 each and $800 each on the left side (facing the stands).  Please indicate which sponsor position you would like when you submit your sponsorship request.

Sponsorship package includes:

Company logo on vehicle in specified location

Sponsor contact information printed on a 5”x7” postcard with driver photo and autograph

K Linck Racing t-shirt (if requested)

Sponsor info posted on driver’s website

Photo of every win delivered to sponsor

Autograph signing at sponsor events with car (must be scheduled with no conflicting dates)

Sponsor chooses logo and contact information, please keep in mind the vehicle will be a black background with blue accents so sponsor's name will be added using white, blue, silver and grey.  Pricing below is for the entire 2021 – 2022 racing season.

Company Name*

Point of Contact*

Email Address*


Logo Placement Number*


Tshirt Size (if requested)*

Sponsor locations on the right side of the car are $500 each (facing the stands), $400 each on the left side.

Each position on the right is numbered R1 - R9

Each position on the left is numbered L1 - L9

Positions can be combined for a larger logo and the pricing will be the total of each position.

Sponsor positions:

R1 - available                                      L1 - available

R2 - available                                      L2 - available

R3 - available                                      L3 - available

R4 - RESERVED - TMF                       L4 - available

R5 - RESERVED - TWR                      L5 - available

R6 - RESERVED - PRIS                      L6 - available

R7 - available                                      L7 - available

R8 - available                                      L8 - available

R9 - available                                      L9 - available

Please make checks out to Holli Linck, ref: K Linck Racing

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